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"...ethical, effective, exciting, feel-good and good for you."

- Beauty Shortlist Awards



Beginning life as one product, a homemade body scrub sold at a stall in Greenwich Market on weekends, Tropic now proudly retails over 100 natural beauty products, with their luxurious skincare and body care all freshly made in their Surrey Tropic Kitchen.


Their brand essence, Empowering Beauty, remains at the heart of everything Susie does, and her mission for Tropic has always been to create products that will genuinely benefit the skin, containing only nutritious ingredients that fall in line with her core ethics. She has gone on to inspire thousands of people to make the switch from products filled with toxic chemicals, to natural, environmentally friendly skincare, body care and makeup, prompting a wave of positive change within the beauty industry.

Every ingredient is ethically sourced, and each product is formulated, manufactured, distributed and marketed in-house, allowing Susie to stay involved in every stage of the process and offer customers all of the trusted information they need to make informed decisions about their skincare. She believes that toxic chemicals like parabens, alcohol and formaldehydes have no place in personal care products, and strives to offer total transparency when it comes to ingredients.


Her commitment to cleaner beauty extends beyond just going natural. Susie has always been passionate about the welfare of animals, and so Tropic is proudly certified by PETA, Cruelty Free International and The Vegan Society. The range is also completely microbead-free in order to protect the ocean and its inhabitants, with Tropic’s innovative range of mineral sunscreen developed to offer an alternative to the toxic chemical-filled sunscreens that damage coral in the ocean.

Tropic’s success is clear to see, with Susie the driving force behind this incredible company. After an initial investment of £200,000 from Lord Alan Sugar, Tropic went on to turn over a staggering £20 million in 2017, and Susie continues to reinvest in the company to bring in new resources, research the latest skincare science and help the Ambassador businesses truly soar.


With Susie’s background selling to customers on a market stall, it was always important to her that the personal, friendly experience of discovering new skincare remained within the Tropic sales process. It was primarily for this reason that she and Lord Alan Sugar decided to launch the Tropic Ambassador opportunity.

In the short time that the social selling program has been in place, Tropic has already paid over £21 million in commission to Ambassadors, with hundreds of Ambassadors turning their flourishing Tropic business into a full-time job. Susie speaks at events around the country about the importance of creating a job you love that works around your life, the dangers of toxic chemicals on our bodies, and the need for a switch to natural in the industry.

Susie has a truly personal connection with Tropic Ambassadors, getting involved in conversations, attending meetings to discuss the future of the range and find out what their customers want, and celebrating their success each time they hit a new milestone in their business. She continues to develop the Ambassador businesses alongside Tropic, and plans to secure Tropic’s position as a household name in the UK.

"Being part of a company that rewards me for doing what I'm passionate about has surpassed every expectation. It's not all about the selling for me either. Helping to educate people on the benefits of natural beauty is amazing and I enjoy empowering others to do the same."

- Clare Emerton, Independent Ambassador for Tropic Skincare


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